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Notes from the Superintendent
John H. Heard, III
John H. Heard, III









      The U.S. Census only takes place once every 10 years.  However, the implications are far reaching.  Not completing the census could result in Perry County losing millions of state and federal dollars over the next 10 years.


      The Perry County School System is making a concerted effort to help get everyone living in Perry County counted.  One of the strategies we are using is Statistics in Schools (SIS).  SIS is a U.S. Census Bureau program that uses census statistics to create classroom materials for grades pre-k through 12.  Teachers and subject matter experts nationally helped develop each SIS activity to make sure it is valuable and engaging.  The SIS program can educate students and adults in their homes on the importance of counting everyone in the 2020 Census, especially children.


      Census numbers are used to support school programs, which include Special Education, Free-and-reduced price lunches, Class size reduction, Classroom technology, Teacher training, After-school programs and Head Start.


      You can respond to the 2020 Census online, by phone, or by mail.  Our community is counting on you to be counted.


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