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Employment Opportunities



November 29, 2017



The Perry County Board of Education is seeking applicants for the position of:


    Custodian of Funds/Chief School Finance Officer




1.   Maintain an accounting system in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles and governmental accounting standards.


2.   Maintain a school payroll accounting system in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.


3.   Prepare financial reports annually and at other times as requested by the local superintendent, the local board of education, and other agencies.


4.   Prepare reports as required by other agencies.


5.   Maintain an adequate system of internal controls including property and inventory accounting.


6.   Maintain a sound system of cash management.


7.   Maintain a sound accounting system in the individual local schools.


8.   Maintain a system of contracting and purchasing procedures.


9.   Coordinate the preparations of the annual budget and any amendments as appropriate.


     10.Maintain the financial operations of the Child Nutrition Program and


     other special programs in accordance with state and federal




11.Carry out assigned responsibilities in accordance with federal, state, and


      local laws and with applicable rules and regulations.


12.Perform other duties as may be assigned to the position by law, by the


          local school superintendent and local board of education, and by rules


          and regulations of the State Board of Education and the local












Ø  Prepare cash receipts for all funds.


Ø  Prepare daily bank deposits.


Ø  Ensure that all purchase orders are up to date.


Ø  Check cash to ensure positive balance.


Ø  Monitor coding of all revenues and expenditures.


Ø  Oversight of all financial transactions as specified by the Fiscal Accountability Act.








Ø  Pre-audit all invoices before payment.


Ø  Process invoices through software using invoice number(s).


Ø  Pay all invoices in a timely manner.


Ø  Verify that open purchase orders equal the 3-341 and 3-358 by fund source.


Ø  Verify that Account Payables register equals the 2-251 by fund source.




Information for Board Meeting Agenda:


Ø  Prepare/verify monthly financial statement to be presented at the regular board meeting as an agenda item.


Ø  Post monthly financial statement to system’s Web site.


Ø  Distribute monthly financial reports to each of the program coordinators for review.  All coordinators should sign verification that report was received.


Ø  Prepare bank reconciliations.


Ø  Record any debt payments and earned interest per bank statements.


Ø  Notify the board of t he most recent reconciliation of the bank statements to general ledger as an agenda item.




Run/Check the Following Reports:


Ø  Exceptions report and clear any discrepancies.


Ø  Verification report and clear any discrepancies.


Ø  Trial balance by fund source and clear any discrepancies.


Ø  Reconcile instructional supply report to general ledger/distribute to all cost centers.


Ø  Budget analysis report to compare actual to budgets.






Ø  Prepare payroll no less than three days before due date.


Ø  Federal, FICA, and Medicare deposited the day before payroll to avoid any penalties.


Ø  State tax deposited no later than the 15th of the following month to avoid any penalties.


Ø  All other deduction payments no later than the 10th of the following month unless an earlier date is required.


Ø  Interface all local schools to central office software no later than the 10th of the following month.


Ø  Send ES-2 reports to request federal funds to SDE by the 5th of the month.


Ø  Post all inventory and fixed assets.


Ø  Collect gasoline monies from local schools per billing from Transportation Department.  (See SDE letter regarding coding)


Ø  Adjust any other gasoline charges such as maintenance and the superintendent’s vehicle.






Ø  Prepare unemployment compensation report in a timely manner.


Ø  Prepare Medicaid Outreach Report.


Ø  Check LEA Transaction Report to ensure recorded revenues are up to date.


Ø  Reconcile and prepare 941 Reports in a timely manner to avoid any penalties.


Ø  Reconcile and prepare State Tax Report.




ANNUALLY (Fiscal Year)






Ø  Prepare proposed Annual School Budget for all state, federal, and local funds.


Ø  Present budget at two public hearings.


Ø  Ensure that the federal program applications and electronic file agree.


Ø  Post annual budget to system’s Web site.


Ø  Assist with Personnel Report (LEAPS) including coding, degrees, and years of experience.


Ø  Ensure that all salary schedules are up to date.




Close Fiscal Year:


(Follow fiscal year-end procedures)




Ø  Prepare general ledger for year-end close.


Ø  Use SDE desk review to close each fund source.


Ø  Financial Statement due November 1. (Generated from software)


Ø  Complete all supplemental reports.


Ø  Print Annual Financial Report in local newspaper(s) during month of November.


Ø  Clear all edits to the Annual School budget and Annual Financial Statement.


Ø  Calculate accruals for after September payroll, not before any October payrolls.








Ø  Ensure that fringe benefits are included in December’s payroll.


Ø  Ensure that the Annual Accountability Report is available to the public in the month of December, as mandated by the state.


Ø  Follow calendar year-end procedures at central office and local schools.


Ø  Prepare 1099s and all applicable reports by January 31.


Ø  Prepare W2s and all applicable reports by January 31.




REQUIREMENTS:  Have at least four years of experience in a public agency accounting, receive a certification of Chief School Finance Officer designation from the Alabama State Department of Education within three (3) years of employment, maintain certification through continuing education requirements, and meet one or more of the following professional requirements:




a)    Hold a baccalaureate degree from an accredited four-year college or university with a concentration in a business-related curriculum (accounting, finance, business administration, etc.) including at least 9 semester hours I accounting.


b)   Hold a MBA or other graduate degree in a business-related field from a regionally accredited institution.


c)    Is a Certified Public Accountant.


d)   Hold a baccalaureate degree in a concentration other than a business-related curriculum but has at least 24 semester hours of business-related courses, with at least 18 hours in the following courses (or course equivalent):


1.    Principles of Accounting I (3 semester hours).


2.    Principles of Accounting II (3 semester hours).


3.    Intermediate Accounting (3 semester hours).


4.   Cost Accounting (3 semester hours).


5.   Governmental Accounting (3 hours).


6.   Financial Management (3 hours).


7.   General Management (3 hours)


8.   Business (or Organizational) Communication (3 hours).




SALARY:  The salary for this position will be commensurate with qualifications and experience.




BEGINNING DATE:  Immediately.




APPLICATION PROCEDURES:  The applicant should send by Wednesday, December 6, 2017 or until the position is filled a completed Perry County Board of Education application to:




Mr. John H. Heard, III, Superintendent


Perry County Schools


P O Box 900


Marion, AL  36756  

















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